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R  Y  U  K  U    O  T  S  U  K  A

M  o  n  e  y     -    Y  o  u     C  a  n     A  f  f  o  r  d     i  t  . 

The concept of the video is to discuss the concept of money itself. We use money as tool in daily life, and our society is depended on it. However, in some society, people don't use currency, but still trades in their needs.Those community still works on its own.The expression of the concept is a sarcasm and exaggeration of idea of money. This advertisement is for the money-less community around the world. The video mainly promotes the life with money. With money, you can move quick, eat whenever you want, and make the life more convinience. On the other hand, you have to work hard to have the privilege. While talking about how money works, it shows other face of living in developed countries. 

The Project was about to make a tension from audience, and I and Jonathan chose to talk about controversial topic. The concept makes attention of audience rather they agree or not. For editing, we intended to make odd rhythm. At the beginning and the end, the perspective of camera moves frequently. It zooms up, back off, change filter, and change angles. For second and third episode, we focused on smoothness. Using transition to make sense, so that the audience doesn’t get tired.
Bill Capital: Zachery Bruce
Jimmy: Tedi Islami

Script: Jonathan Riese
Video recording, editing:
Ryuku Otsuka, Jonathan Riese
Voice recording, editing:
Ryuku Otsuka, Jonathan Riese

Jonathan Riese: jonathanriese.com