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LV Experience

I am currently in a 6-month internship at Men’s Textile and accessories in Louis Vuitton. Unfortunately, I can’t show much of what I do since most of the designs haven’t been launched yet. However, this bucket hat is something that came out during the creative process in my team, designed and drawn by me. However, we proceed in a different direction. Which makes it legal to have it in my portfolio. (Big thanks to my boss Alan Dougall for permitting these projects to be on my portfolio.) It represents what I have been doing in the studio; which is to design form of hats and textile products, animates hats, socks, stoles, and squares. In addition, I have created graphic on square from scratch, researched Japanese fashion, created paper mockup for hat and other textile products. 

Technical Drawing; Bucket Hat

Animation; Monogram Gommatex

Technical Drawing; Cap

Animation; Monogram Gommatex, Cotton 100% with a patch

Scarf Design 65 x 65 cm Inkjet Print

Fortunate or unfortunate, this project was cancelled from the collection, considering Virgil’s direction. This project is done by hand, composed and colored on photoshop. The goal was to make unique textile insipred from traditional bandana and paisley, combining Louis Vuitton brand. Everyone else including my team, other designers in the office, legal team, and marketing team, but our creative director simply changed his direction. My boss loved this work, and he permitted me to use it for portfolio because it consumed too much time for just letting it disappear. 

Stole Design 70 x 200 cm