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Typographic  Cast

Helvetica as Mr. Game and Watch
In Parsons Paris, The New School, AMT Sophmore students made a book about typography. All of the student in class had to chose a typography from the choice from independent graphic designer, Aurelien Farina and Sophie Cure provided, and made collaboration of the typography and a character that fits to the font. The relationship can be flexible, but it has to make sense. Last 3 pages are technical information. My choice was Helvetica. I chose this font because it was the cleanest, clear, easy to read, and familiar to anybody. However, some others said that this font is basic, so I used it as inspiration.

Basic has multiple meanings, but I chose to take the meaning as "original." Mr. Game and Watch was inspiration of Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS, which I could say it is original of these three games. The character also has such a simple shape, interesting movement in smash bro's themes. One can say it is a bit sarcastic to say "Stay Basic" for the first page when my topic is about Helvetica. However, Helvetica is used by so many brands, and that is why it seems to be "basic." The font is admired as the clearest and the simplest by many. I chose to use "P" as for background, because it is all the character says in Smash Bros.

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