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G  u  a  r  d  i  a  n     o  f     t  h  e     a  m  a  z  o  n :   d  e  f  o  r  e  s  t  a  t  i  o  n  

Guardian of the Amazon; Deforestation
Multi Digital Media, Carpentry
180cm x 180cm

Guardian of the Amazon; Deforestation expresses the observation of the Amazon rainforest from contemporary discourse, an internet gaze. Inspired by the Youtube video “Guardian of The Amazon,” Laercio Guajajara is the leader of a paramilitary group, who is involved in the war against loggers. The assemblage of 5 frames includes the reason for deforestation, endangered and rare species in the rainforest. The primary source of this illustration is website images, whose authenticity is often questionable. While the work expresses the situation in the rainforest, it also questions the truth in reality and on the internet.

P   R   o   c   e   s   s 

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