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Haussmann’s  building

Collaborated with Jenna Bickhardt and Nasia Chan 
The purpose of this class competition is to design a facade screen for Dolce and Gabbana. Within the class, we were divided by groups, and I and two other classmates decided to make a design based on one of their most important branding; friends and family. It was also required to combine the element of Paris, so we decided to draw the haussman’s building with people inside. Each room has different stories, to emphasize the humanity in the building. This design was finally chosen, and applied as a facade screen in July 2019.
Original Drawing


3D Model
    Since it was group work, it was essential to work with two other classmates. I was responsible for creating the construction of the original drawing, and another classmate used a pen to draw the details, which I also helped draw half of them. The third classmate converted them into illustrator, and this is how this design came out.