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R  Y  U  K  U    O  T  S  U  K  A

Keep It Real.
Oct. 2018
Manifesto: Have yourself
Media: Ink, Color Ink
When I was looking for my deeply subjective manifesto, I looked for unique objects that I own. Manifesto shouldn't be something that others have done since the topic is asking for more personal manifesto. I chose these objects because I do not need them in order to have a life, but I still keep them anyway. Some objects are new, and some are more than 4 years old since it got to me. I challenged with different stroke, style, and method to draw, depends on the appearance of object. I chose to cut the canvas by four instead of making composition with these object and figure draw, to show how I think about a life in general. There are unique shapes between objects to express there are always obstacles in life, but one somehow gets long with it. I chose to draw the light of Ganesa to express that there is always progress before gets to the goal.

E  X  P  E  R  I  M  E  N  T