Modern, Japonism, Islamic
The lamp’s design is inspired by Japanese traditional lantern, Chochin. It has the similar shape as the original lantern, yet the transition of the lamp has been transferred. The lamp is meant for installation of modern hotel in Japan and Europe. I made 3 different shapes to fit different type of atmosphere.
Design 1 is meant for low ceiling room. It is extendable, and the lamp stabilize itself by reaching to ceiling of the room. The mechanism is strong as it push floor to ceiling, and it blends into the atmosphere of the room because of that.
Design 2 is inspired by tree
branch. I was inspired by the fornitures made by surrealistic artist, Dali Salvador, with Asianic style.
Design 3 is another option of this lamp. It can be a lamp to put on floor, and this is for garden installation. Imagine in garden, full of nature at
night, there are multiple lamps lightened on ground. Beautiful aren’t they?
First, I focused on deciding color. When I looked up Chochin Lantern, it was either white or red. I chose red to stick with the theme, and also because I liked this exotic vibe that this color creates. As concept of hotel, I want customer to have new, dreamy, and exotic experience. So I decided to apply red based color.
The shape needed to be entertained to Japanese customers without making them feel going back home. For that reason, I decided to apply Islamic geometric shape to make it unique. Because of Islamic element, Japanese customer wouldn’t feel too traditional, and European customer would be more familiar considering Islamic culture has been in Europe for more than decades.
*The Last one is the final version. 
The Final Choice of Textile: