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Ryuku (Luke) Otsuka grew up in Tokyo until twelve, and attended a boarding school in Tochigi prefecture in Japan until the age of forteen. After the 3.11 Fukushima earthquake, transfererred to Florida, United States for high school education. Under the influence of the uncle, Akira Nakamura, who is a graphic designer/ artist, I decided to pursue creative and art study. Accepted to Parsons The New School, majoring in architectural design after the high school diploma. A year of stay in New York City made me question how much American culture influenced my personality.
Went back to Tokyo and worked as a waiter for a year, and came to Parsons Paris to continue a college degree in Art, Media, and Technology until 2021. Influenced by Kenzo Takada since working for his new brand, K3 furniture from 2019 to 2020. My understanding of art pushes me to work on societal issues such as ecology and environmental protection. I am passionate about exploring the variety of styles to make art meaningful, not only in its visual dynamics but also in its role of societal or philosophical communication.

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