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Logo Project
Art Bridge is a curation organization to create art events and exhibitions. Motto of this organization is to help Japanese culture to be more familiar with art, to become “art bridge” between people and art. In some culture, even decent income home decorates with artworks. The CEO of organization, Kousuke Hayashi intends to import the concept of “art in home.” He believes expressing in art makes lifestyle richer.

Since the name of this organization is so literal, It was logical to make the logo with shape of bridge. Through the experimentation of experiencing with shape, the discussion concluded in using the simplest shape.

At the beginning, I made 20 patterns of logo to see which one the clients prefers. While there are multiple styles as logo, they liked the logo with minimalistic shape at the bottom. Then I chose clean typography that fits with minimalism, and changed detail of font.

B  R  A  N  D  I  N  G