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104     -  Cent  Quatre     -     Visual  Identity

This typeface and the logo were inspired by the building and atmosphere of Cent Quatre. 104 is a diverse place where people dance, exhibit artwork, invent scientific projects, and practice performing. It locates in 18th arrondissement, where stands with street culture. Stencil symbolizes the aspect of the culture that occurs all over the world. The outcome expresses the geometric shape of the 104’s building while it remains shape suggesting the modern lifestyle.

1  0  4          L  O  G  O          I  D  E  A

G  l  a  s  e  r      S  t  e  n  c  i  l .        C  u  s  t  o  m  i  z  e  d .

A  P  P        I  C  O  N


P  R  O  G  R  A  M

M  O  C  K  U  P

P  R  O  C  E  S  S